At its heart, the Transition movement is about people connecting to share ideas and implement change. In the process, how can we make our communities stronger and happier?


Toss it? No way! Bring it to a Repair Café.

Bring your beloved-but-broken items to this free community event, where volunteer Repair Specialists will work with you to fix them.


At a Repair Café, we share skills, reduce waste and make friends.


Our first Repair Cafés alternated between Bushel Collective in Delhi, and the United Methodist Church in Hobart. Then we expanded to Roxbury. People came with broken lamps, with wobbly chairs, with torn clothing, and they left with functional items that no longer had to gather dust in the corner.


In June of 2018, we had a Bicycle Repair Café at the Farmers’ Market in Hobart, which is every Friday from June to September, and which sits next to the Catskill Scenic Trail. About 35 people got their bikes tuned, tires inflated and brakes tightened.


In July of 2015, farmers gathered for a potluck dinner at the Bovina Community Hall and shared stories about raising crops and animals in the Catskill Mountains. Some of the stories were heartbreaking, some were hilarious, and the food was delicious!


Ever figure something out and wish you could share it with the whole Catskills community? Now you can! Click here to upload your tip, trick or piece of advice about how to thrive in the Catskill Mountains.


This award-winning program has saved participants as much as $1000 per year on household expenses, and reduced each home’s carbon emissions by an average of 1.2 tons. Here’s how it works: a group of neighbors, friends or relatives get together on a regular basis (once every two or three weeks) and self-teach through a workbook of 7 sessions. Each session has low-cost or no-cost suggestions for how to save money. At the same time, you also reduce your environmental impact and get to know your neighbors.


There is no cost to participate, and the workbooks are provided free of charge by Transition Catskills. We will also provide a facilitator at the first session to ensure your meetings get off to a good start.


Contact us if you would like to try Transition Streets in your neighborhood.