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Taking our feet off the gas

Almost one-third of the greenhouse gas in the atmosphere comes from our tailpipes. Are there ways we can we get where we need to go while reducing our impact on the planet?

EV Charging Stations


Transition Catskills originated the idea of installing Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in various villages throughout the county. We located a NYSERDA program that would pay 85% of the expense, and 3 employers who were willing to host charging stations in their parking lots: the Delaware County Electric Coop in Delhi, The Village of Margaretville, and The Village of Hobart.

Delaware County’s first public charging stations are now active and ready for use!

In keeping with our mission to encourage a shift to green living, Transition Catskills will provide free energy at the charging stations for the near future.


We want your ideas


Have any great ideas for local transportation?

Contact us.

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