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Welcome to Transition Catskills!

Transition Catskills is an exciting new initiative in the Catskills region patterned after the general Transition philosophy that has already been successfully employed in hundreds of local communities around the country and around the world. Faced with the challenges of fossil fuel dependency, climate change, and economic instability, our mission is to think about how we can change the ways we live as a rural community to become cleaner, healthier, and more resilient as both individuals and as an economy– and then to make those ideas actually happen.

In addition to our own projects, we hope to work with and help bring together all the other individual and group efforts in the region working for a more self-sustaining community. Working together we can make a greater impact.  But we can’t do this without you.

Transition Catskills is not a formal membership organization and there are no requirements to join us apart from an open mind and a desire to see our community regain its independence and harness its natural productivity. While we look to the larger Transition movement for inspiration, we are unaffiliated with any larger charitable organization or political party, and presently operate as an independent Steering Committee guiding a segregated fund housed by the generous auspices of the MARK Project in Arkville, NY.

Thank you for visiting our site and taking the time to learn more about what we’re trying to do. If you are interested in learning more, have some great ideas you’d like to see come to life, or want to help us in any way, please contact us! We’re just getting started, and will be updating this blog with news and events as we get rolling.  Watch this space!


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