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Green Drinks

Friday, October 20th, 5 to 7 pm at the Union Grove Distillery in Arkville, NY

Green Drinks are events where people who care about the environment get together to network and share ideas over cocktails (or seltzer with a twist if you abstain). Our past Green Drinks have been unstructured mixers. This time, we thought we’d combine the usual party atmosphere with some focused brainstorming.

What does your village need?

Think of one small action, and lets put our heads together to make it a reality. Here are some ideas:

• install a bike rack

• plant a fruit tree in a public space

• replace plastic:

  – bags

  – straws

  – disposable utensils

  – to-go boxes

• support for farm stands

  – secure money boxes 

  – raise awareness about the benefits of local food

Many of us were inspired by the eco-doc “Tomorrow.” Now let’s think about ways to make things happen in our villages and towns. 


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