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Support Local Food Systems

Thursday, Feb 21st, 1 to 2 pm on or 91.3 FM

On Here Comes the Sun, we continue to explore the Transition Streets program. February is all about local foods.

At 1:30 pm, we’ll be talking to Tianna Kennedy from Star Route Farm, who manages The 607 CSA. With a CSA—Community Supported Agriculture—patrons receive a box of locally grown vegetables every week (or every other week). The boxes are typically picked up at a predetermined location. For Delaware County residents, there are pickup locations in Bloomville, Bovina, Charlotteville, Delhi, Hobart and Oneonta.

Transition Streets is an award-winning behavior change program where a group of neighbors get together and go through a curriculum that addresses 5 areas of potential change: Energy, Food, Water, Waste and Transportation. Participating households typically save about $900 per year on expenses and reduce their carbon emissions by about 1.3 tons.


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