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Eat, Dance, Transition! – Join us for a Pavilion Potluck – August 17th, 1-3 pm

Whether you are a born and raised local, a full-time transplant, or a part-time resident, we all share a sense of place and community. This common thread is the inspiration behind Transition Catskills—a grassroots community effort to strengthen the local economy and build a self-reliant future for the region.

So, with this in mind, Transition Catskills is hosting a potluck event on Sunday, August 17th  from 1 to 3 pm at the Pavilion in Margaretville.

This “bring a dish to pass" affair will usher in opportunities for ideas, projects, sharing of local wisdom, and discussion of the next steps.

Traditional (and transitional) Catskill Mountain music by the Tremperskill Boys will be an afternoon highlight, and the backdrop for the entire event will be the East Branch of the Delaware River—both our friend and our foe.

The event is designed to engage those who have been thinking about ways to improve our region, towns and neighborhoods and provide a positive forum for sharing. So come on down and join the conversation!

The “dish to pass” is themed around our core of local foods. Do you have tasty vegetables from your backyard garden? Treats from the farmer’s market? Golden-yolk eggs from local free-range chickens? The challenge is to create something special using as many local ingredients as possible to share with your friends and neighbors—much like the tradition of the Grange and community living 100 years ago.

Transition Catskills is focused on economic and community development, building livelihoods and skills aimed at greater environmental sustainability and local resilience.

So put on your dancing shoes, bring a dish to pass, and put on your thinking cap for an afternoon of fun, food, dancing and idea sharing.

The Pavilion is located in Margaretville in the field behind Freshtown grocery store. For further information contact Peg Ellsworth at the MARK Project at 845-586-3500 or


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