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Repair Café – Hobart

Join us Saturday, October 21st, 10am-2pm at the United Methodist Church, 204 Maple Avenue in Hobart (entrance at side on Pearl St) for our third Repair Café.

Thrilled. That was the dominant emotion felt by the two-dozen people who brought their broken items to be fixed at the Repair Café we held in Delhi in May. They were thrilled to finally get their broken possessions fixed and put back into service, whether it was a chandelier with a faulty switch, a toaster oven that had stopped toasting, a fan that no longer whirred or a favorite pair of pants with a tear at the knee.

Do you have a broken appliance that’s collecting dust till you find some way to fix it? Now’s your chance. Bring it to one of our volunteer Repair Coaches and work with them to make it run again. Do you have favorite articles of clothing that need buttons re-sewn? Bring them to the Repair Café and sew them back on while enjoying a cup of coffee and a snack. We have a large assortment of buttons and thread of all colors.

Our Repair Coaches will work with you to fix:

  • small appliances

  • vacuum cleaners

  • lamps

  • furniture

  • small items made of wood

  • clothing

We can’t guarantee that everything will be fixed, but we’re certain you’ll have an interesting time.


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