Keep mice out of your car

Mice don’t like the odor of fabric softener sheets. Place a few of the sheets in your glove compartment—or anywhere else you’ve noticed mice moving in—to keep them away.

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Drive away critters, both large and small

This will help keeps bears out of your garbage, and drive away mice wherever they turn up:

Place mothballs in a mesh bag. Critters can’t stand the smell and they decamp.

You can find mesh bags at Brookside Hardware in Margaretville.

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Keep bears out of garbage

They say “a fed bear is a dead bear,” because the animals become a nuisance when they associate humans with food.

If you have to put your garbage out for trash pickup, here’s how to keep bears away:

Drill a hole in the top of your big plastic garbage can.
Soak a sponge in ammonia.
Run a plastic zip tie […]

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Frighten away bears and other large animals

I learned this trick when I was a gold prospector in Alaska in the 1950s:

Fill a spray bottle with ammonia and take it with you if you think you might encounter bears, wolves, or even aggressive neighborhood dogs. Animals are very sensitive to the smell of ammonia. The spray doesn’t even need to hit them […]

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Scare away deer

If you have a problem with deer in your garden, scatter some human hair around. You can ask for clippings from a hair dresser, or save them when your own hair is cut. If you have an old stocking, you can stuff it with hair clippings and hang it in your garden.

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