Part of the joy of living in the Catskill Mountains is acquiring the tricks and know-how specific to this region. Imagine a knowledge hub that helps us learn from each other’s successes. That’s the idea behind this Local Wisdom Archive.

As the archive expands, you’ll be able to search by category and discover some pretty clever innovations and elegant solutions, both large and small.

Here’s a taste of some shared local wisdom:

  • Protect your apple trees from critters and weed whackers
  • How to build an exterior firewood rack
  • Store pumpkins and winter squash
  • Clean soot off a woodstove glass door
  • Keep your calves healthy through the long winter
  • Dry clothes on the line so they are crisp, not crinkly

Please contribute your local wisdom here. Until there’s a gold medal for country living skills, your reward will be the gratitude of friends and neighbors for making life in these mountains just a little bit easier.

Catskills’ Local Wisdom is a Transition Catskills’ project.

Keep mice out of your car

October 19th, 2015|0 Comments

Mice don’t like the odor of fabric softener sheets. Place a few of the sheets in your glove compartment—or anywhere else you’ve noticed mice moving in—to keep them away.

Grass clippings as mulch

October 19th, 2015|0 Comments

All through the summer, I pile my grass clippings around my vegetable plants, about 2″ deep. The clippings act as a weed barrier, as a fertilizer, and they help to retain water, too.

Drive away critters, both large and small

October 19th, 2015|0 Comments

This will help keeps bears out of your garbage, and drive away mice wherever they turn up:

Place mothballs in a mesh bag. Critters can’t stand the smell and they decamp.

You can find mesh bags at […]

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