Jeff Potent: Sustainability Workshop introduction

About the presenter:

Jeffrey Potent, Adjunct Professor of International and Public Affairs, teaches corporate sustainable development, sustainable agriculture, and related subjects at the Columbia University, School of International and Public Affairs and the Columbia Earth Institute.  Mr. Potent advises graduate students, contributes to the Columbia University Seminar Series on Sustainable Finance, serves on several non-profit and impact investment boards and for several years hosted an annual forum on sustainable agriculture.  He consults and speaks publicly on corporate and agricultural sustainability and water quality.  Mr. Potent formerly led corporate partnerships for the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Office of Water in Washington DC.  Earlier in his career, he served as EPA/US Department of Agriculture (USDA) liaison and regional director of the USDA National Integrated Water Quality Program, facilitating collaboration among Land Grant Universities, EPA, USDA, industry associations and other agencies and universities. 

Jeff’s PowerPoint Presentation:

Sustainable Agriculture in the Catskills


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Lauren Melodia: Distribution & Marketing

About the presenter:

Lauren Melodia is the Value Chain Manager at the Center for Agricultural Development & Entrepreneurship (CADE). Prior to managing this and CADE’s Dairy Farmer Support program, Lauren was a consultant at CADE for four years working with dairy farms on added value production, market research and developing community creamery opportunities. Lauren is based in New York City, where she has spent fifteen years starting and managing innovative community food projects. These include the Bed-Stuy Farm Share, a multi-farm multi-site CSA (community supported agriculture) with an explicit food sovereignty mission; Milk Not Jails, a marketing and distribution social enterprise putting money in the hands of farmers and power in the hands of the criminal justice movement; and Farmers of the World, a producer cooperative incubator serving immigrant farmers. Lauren is a certified cooperative developer with CooperationWorks!

Here are Lauren’s handouts from the presentation:

MT Packaging 101

MT Product and Price Template-1

MT Sales Pitch Practice

MT Step by Step Sales

MT Messaging Worksheet

MT Market Channel Anaysis



Richard Giles: Walking your own path

About the presenter:

Richard Giles owns and operates Lucky Dog, a certified organic vegetable farm in Hamden, NY.  Richard bought the farm in 2000 and started tilling the soil that year. The farm is small, like most Watershed farms, just 45 acres in a narrow valley bordering the West Branch of the Delaware River. Richard’s wife, Holley White, bought the farm store adjacent to the property the following year. Together with their children Sibyla and Asa Giles, the family embarked on their farming journey in Delaware County. “We were looking for businesses that would support us, and we wanted businesses that made sense in this particular place on the earth,” says Richard. For the past several years, Richard has served on the Council of Directors of the Watershed Agricultural Council (WAC), serving as secretary this year. Richard is also working on the Council’s transition committee for regional economic viability.