Thurs, January 3rd at 2 pm & 6 pm at the Stamford Village Library

Join Transition Catskills, the Village of Stamford and Delaware River Solar for a free 1-hour presentation about tapping into a Community Solar farm for your electricity.

Discover how to:

  • Reduce your electric bill by 10%
  • Help the Villages of Stamford and Hobart qualify for grants
  • Offset the yearly carbon emitted by your car

How can you do all that? By choosing to get your electricity from a Community Solar farm, rather than from fossil fuels.

INFO SESSIONS are at 2 pm or 6 pm, and last about an hour.

Stamford Village Library • 117 Main Street • Stamford, NY 12167

For more info, contact: Catherine Scott 845-702-1020 or