• delicata squash

Delicata Squash – an heirloom delicacy

Delicata squash gets its name from its rind, which is delicate for a winter squash. It won’t keep as long as butternut or acorn varieties, which may last until April or May, but you can [...]

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Heirloom Vegetables – the Unbroken Chain

Thousands of years ago, our Stone Age ancestors domesticated food plants. Seeds from the best performers were selected for replanting and shared with others. Thus, the seeds that gardeners hold in their hands today form [...]

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  • Hissing Baby Opossum

Possums are your best defense against Lyme disease

Lyme disease, which used to be a rare occurrence in the Catskill Mountains, is unfortunately becoming more common. As owners of cats and dogs will confirm, there has been a substantial increase in ticks over the last few [...]

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  • Seed Swap

The Great Countywide Seed Swap is now On!

The Countywide Seed Swap is now on at all Delaware County public libraries! Take your partially used seed packets to your library branch and see what seeds your fellow gardeners have donated. It's a great [...]

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  • tc boot camp

At the Intersection of Sustainability and Main

What role can Sustainability play in the revitalization of Catskill region Main Streets? That question came up during one afternoon session of the Main Street Boot Camp—a conference hosted by community development organization The MARK [...]

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Why Transition Catskills? – Watch our New Video!

Why Transition? In this video, some of our community members talk about Transition's importance in a changing world, as well as various projects on the horizon.  

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  • Catskills Food Map Cover

Grab a Copy of the 2015 Catskills Food Guide and Map!

Pick up a copy of the Watershed Post’s 2015 Catskills Food Guide, a user-friendly introduction to and directory of our many local food and drink producers. The Food Guide is available as a free handout [...]

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Watch and Learn about the Fleischmanns Biomass Project

For those of you who were not able to attend the Fleischmanns Biomass Project on August 9th, please take a look at the video now and learn more about how the project might help support [...]

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Learn about Foraging in Your Yard with Kristina Zill

Have a look at some edible and otherwise useful plants you may have growing in your yard or woods and not even realize!  Kristina Zill gives a brief introduction to foraging at this past weekend's [...]

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Check out a Cake Pan at Fairview Public Library in Margaretville!

If I knew you were coming, I’d have baked a cake. Why wait for company to bake a cake? Bake one just for the fun of it. Come in to the Fairview Public Library in [...]

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