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Green Drinks

Wednesday January 27th 5 to 7 pm Public Lounge—Roxbury Green Drinks are informal get-togethers where people who care about our beautiful green world meet up for cocktails and conversation. Come along, and you’ll be made welcome! A Green Drinks gathering is a great way of catching up with people you know, and also for making new contacts. These events are simple and unstructured, but many attendees have found employment, made friends, developed new ideas, done deals and experienced serendipity. At our last Green Drinks, many innovative ideas were tossed around — including the Electric Vehicle Charging Stations, which just became a reality. What's the next wonderful idea for our region? Come add your voice to the discussion. Cash bar and food. For more information contact Kristina Zill — Coordinator for Transition Catskills — kz@transitioncatskills.org The Public Lounge is located at 2318 County Rd 41 (Bridge St), Roxbury, NY  12474

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Solarize Catskills

On Saturday, October 3rd, 10:30 am - 12:30 pm, join us at The Andes Hotel for SOLARIZE CATSKILLS, a free solar energy workshop co-hosted by Transition Catskills and Southern Tier Solar Works. Space is limited! Please register:  http://eventbrite.com/e/solarize-catskills-tickets-18438353612?ref=ebtnebregn At this free workshop, you'll hear from solar professionals who will give a presentation and answer questions about: Discounted pricing Low-interest loans Federal and state tax credits New York State incentives Free solar site assessments The process of going solar Net metering - selling your surplus back to the grid Solar leasing Return on investment - what size system should you buy? After the presentation, you may choose a solar installer and start the process of achieving true energy independence. Did you know you can lease solar panels for as little as the cost of cell phone service? A 7,000-watt system costs about $70/month. And if you sell your home, the lease can be transferred to the new homeowner! Many tax incentives end in 2016, so the time to go solar is now! The Andes Hotel is located at 100 Main Street, Andes, NY. The workshop will end right about lunchtime. The restaurant at The Andes Hotel offers a regularly changing menu centered on farm-fresh food that captures the flavor of the Catskills.

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Stories from the Field

Saturday, July 25th, 6 pm Potluck dinner at the Bovina Center Community Hall. Burnett Farms and Transition Catskills present an evening of food, drink, song and story. If you grow plants or raise animals and would like to celebrate with others who do the same, then bring a plate or a bottle to pass, and come eat, drink, be merry, and share tales of endurance and sustainability. "As farmers, we experience life's great adventure as a daily occurrence. The challenges of survival, mindfulness, and problem-solving define our relationship to Nature, to ourselves and to those around us. As we labor, invent, wonder, fail, grow and ultimately bring in a crop, we have achieved a level of "sustainability" on the physical level, and also in body, mind and spirit." - Steve Burnett  The Community Hall is located at 1866 County Highway 6 in Bovina Center.

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Green Drinks

Wednesday July 15th 5 to 8 pm Summerfields—654 Main St—Margaretville Green Drinks are informal get-togethers where people who care about the environment meet up for cocktails and conversation. Come along and you’ll be made welcome! Just say, “Are you green?” and we will look after you and introduce you to whoever is there. A Green Drinks gathering is a great way of catching up with people you know, and also for making new contacts. These events are simple and unstructured, but many attendees have found employment, made friends, developed new ideas, done deals and experienced serendipity. Research has shown that the more opportunities people have to connect with others and share fresh ideas, the more creative and productive they are. So come mingle, have a cocktail and join the dialogue. You never know when a conversation will lead to synchronicity, transforming an idea into a reality. Cash bar and food. Although Summerfields is known as a steakhouse, they have added vegetarian and vegan fare to their menu—the vegetable paninis are fabulous! And they're offering $5 large pizzas to everyone in our group. For more information contact Kristina Zill — Coordinator for Transition Catskills— kz@transitioncatskills.org

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Possums are your best defense against Lyme disease

Lyme disease, which used to be a rare occurrence in the Catskill Mountains, is unfortunately becoming more common. As owners of cats and dogs will confirm, there has been a substantial increase in ticks over the last few summers... and ticks transmit Lyme. The consequences of misdiagnosed or untreated Lyme disease are so scary that a simple hike merits long sleeves, long pants and tube socks to cover bare skin, as well as a post-hike search for the tiny black specks that can ruin your life. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if ticks had a natural foe that would keep their numbers in check? Enter the opossum: the scruffy creature with the sweet face, sharp teeth and unappealing tail. Although possums have a reputation as filthy critters, they in fact are compulsive groomers—who just happen to have a taste for garbage, carrion… and ticks. In a study published in the Royal Society’s journal Proceedings B, opossums were found to be veritable tick magnets that devour over 96% of the blood-hungry parasites. The study’s team of researchers, which included biologists, ecologists and foresters, were able to determine that the average possum is infested by as many as 5500 larval ticks each week. About 5300 ticks become snacks, while only 200 successfully feed and drop to the forest floor. That makes the opossum a very effective ecological trap for the removal of ticks. Other species that have a positive effect on tick removal are squirrels (over 80% of ticks eaten), and chipmunks and birds (over 70% consumed). Mice only ingest about half the larval ticks they harbor, which allows the other 50% to feed and go forth to make mischief. When preferred species aren’t available, ticks simply hitch a ride on whoever walks by. The research study claims that a forest's loss of [...]

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At the Intersection of Sustainability and Main

What role can Sustainability play in the revitalization of Catskill region Main Streets? That question came up during one afternoon session of the Main Street Boot Camp—a conference hosted by community development organization The MARK Project—where panelists discussed the hot topic of Sustainability. The audience was composed of business owners, town historians, state development coordinators, non-profit entities, and county and municipal officials. MARK Project Director Peg Ellsworth moderated the panel, which included Steve Burnett (a Bovina-based artist and farmer), Sonia Janiszewski (Farm Catskills board member and Director of Tourism for Delaware County), and me, Kristina Zill (Coordinator for Transition Catskills). Our panel discussed projects underway that increase our region's self-reliance and resiliency. Steve shared his journey of becoming a vegetable farmer, despite assurances from area residents that it was an impossible task in these mountains; Sonia talked about regional food hubs and developing markets for area farmers; and Peg and I introduced the concept of Transition, spoke about current projects—such as the upcoming Countywide Seed Swap—and described how local currencies can help keep money circulating within communities. The final flourish was a screening of our fabulous, newly minted Transition Catskills video (thanks to Transitioner Jeff Tomasi and videographer Jessica Vecchione). So, what does Sustainability have to do with re-invigorating Main Streets? Potentially, a great deal, especially in the area of Tourism, which seems poised and ready to boom in the Catskill region. Sustainability is a potent brand for communities catering to environmentally conscious New Yorkers. We're well on the way to embodying that brand, due in large part to all of the wonderful local food from area farms. We need to take that concept a step further. Here's my wish list for the near future: [...]

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Report on the Omega conference – Where do we go from here?

Where We Go From Here Opportunities and Solutions for an Interdependent World Last weekend, I was fortunate to attend “Where We Go From Here,” a conference at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies near Rhinebeck, NY (http://www.eOmega.org). Omega is set in the hills of the Hudson valley and the campus features rolling green lawns, tall trees, and camp-style buildings linked by meandering mulch paths. The conference consisted of keynote speeches and a panel discussion, as well as opportunities to network with attendees. At the close, the audience was asked to consider three questions, which you can see if you scroll down to the very end. They’re good questions, so I hope you will consider them, too. My overall takeaway from the weekend is hopefulness. Watching world events unfold, one can easily get the impression that nothing positive is going on anywhere. It was humbling to hear the keynote speakers and realize how much has already been done to build a better future. All of the projects were extraordinary. It was inspiring to be among my fellow participants who were all determined to play a role in putting humanity on a wiser path than our current trajectory. If any of the talks summarized below spark your interest, you can view them for free until Dec. 5th (all except Clinton’s speech). Simply go to the Omega website, click on the Where Do We Go From Here panel, and register (name and email). You will receive a link, and there’s a drop-down menu with the individual speakers listed. * The Main Hall accommodates about 500 people on folding chairs, an intimate setting to hear one of the greatest public speakers of our time, President William Jefferson Clinton. Friday [...]

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