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Green Drinks

Join us for cocktails and conversation on Tuesday, August 30th, 5 to 7 pm at Summerfields, 654 Main Street in Margaretville Green Drinks are unstructured mixers where people who care about our communities and the local environment get together to share ideas, network, and make new friends. Hope to see you there!

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How to Live Chemical-Free

Join Transition Catskills on Wednesday, August 3rd, 7 to 9 pm at the Andes Roundtable, Hunter Tavern, 288 Main Street, Andes, NY for a free presentation about the dangers of unregulated chemicals in personal care and household products The widespread use of toxic synthetic chemicals has permanently changed the face of our planet. Hundreds of billions of pounds of synthetic chemicals are produced every single year, and toxins can now be found everywhere — even the North Pole is polluted. We eat these chemicals in our foods as pesticides, preservatives, additives, pollutants, or contaminants from food containers. In some places, we drink them in tap water. We inhale them, and we absorb them through our skin from cosmetics, toiletries, and household cleaning products. Unfortunately, the Food and Drug Administration is not authorized to recall harmful products. This free presentation will identify the dangerous chemicals that are lurking around your home, and will give you safe alternatives so that you can begin the process of detoxing. Since the average American's body is contaminated with 300 to 500 chemicals, we'll also talk about ways that you can rid yourself of toxic overload. .  

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Energy Reduction Workshop

Please join Transition Catskills on Wednesday, May 25th, 7 to 9 pm for a free Energy Reduction Workshop at the Andes Roundtable, Hunter Tavern, 288 Main St., Andes, NY Together, we will study the Energy chapter of the Transition Streets workbook. Transition Streets is an award-winning behavior change project designed to reduce the amount of energy we use to fuel our lives. Participants will learn techniques to reduce their carbon footprint, and how energy-saving techniques also result in dollars saved on expenses. We'll demonstrate how to use a Kill-a-Watt meter to monitor the energy drain of individual appliances within the home. Attendees will receive a free LED lightbulb to jumpstart their energy savings.

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